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West By Northwest
online magazine

Winter 2001-2002

Welcome to West By Northwest online magazine, a progressive, bimonthly journal of rural and city life, ecology, arts and letters from a Northwest prospective. We wish the community of readers all over the world peaceful and renewing holy days and a hopeful New Year.

Voices for the World

A Holiday Blessing for our Readers by Teresa de Avila.

Caroline Williams tells of her family's amazing
Tour of Middle East ...by Bike!

Voices of Peace

Visit our
Special Update Section, with articles and graphics. New works by Norman Solomon, David Harrison, Madeleine Bunting, & Dr. Andreas Toupadakis. Peace Section Updated 12-24-01

Voices of the Nation

Steve Elliot and Fran Odom Remember The Tevis Cup: A Horse Named Raven Flies Over Mountains and Through the Woods.

Norman Solomon
wonders at A Sweet Message For Americans "We Are Family".

Michael Lundblad asks whether we can Save the Planet at the Movies?

Powell's Dave Wiech Interview

Ann Brashes the American R.J. Rawlings?

Voices of the Northwest

Mary DeDanan is
Holding the Light -- Solstice through time and place.

Barbara S.Thompson's My Life -- Introduction & History of this year's series of her autobiography and poems.

Paula Sanders McCarron considers Reflections: To Live with Abandon.

Voices of Spencer Creek Valley

Norm Maxwell reports on the rural preservation legal struggle - now a kind of
"Victory" of Fire Road.

Lois Barton shares
Some Christmas Memories

Ryan Ramon ruminates about
Life at the 45th Parallel

Best of the Web

Buddhist Enviromental Network is established

American Friends Service Committee
Links to "Understanding Islam" Sites.

Karen Joy Warton introduces AlterNet.org - a news site with insight.

Art & Photography
and Poems

New Fiction --
The Bum by Ryan Ramon: What would Jesus do if he came to our town?

The Mermaid and the Dolphin -- The final chapter of an eco-adventure by Maura McGoorty.

That Photo Guy, Guy Wesse, gives a gift of imagery with a poem, A High Wind, by Barbara S. Thompson

A-run Lee and Jai Daemion present
A Gift from Wellsprings Friends School.

Michael Kemp salutes the Solstice in
Grandmother Maple.

Carolyn S. Scarr cooks up
A Recipe for Water for the children of Iraq -- with link to the Sydney Morning Herald's great article.

Ward Kelly serves up delight with Three Poems.

Lois Barton's
Wild Trees, a Christmas treat.

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Our Vision

Who are the readers united by reading West by Northwest? We see you as seekers of truth and joy, hope and dynamic democracy. You believe that life and love are essential. You love to explore the world of ideas and places in person and in your armchair. You care passionately about the fate of humanity as well as the planet's.

You support good causes as best you can. You know we must find peace and justice for all beings, especially we humans who have such a profound effect upon this world (and maybe others) and each other. You seek a wide community of committed world citizens who work in their own "back yards" to make a difference. You read West by Northwest because you know that from the particular to the universal is a matter of a few degrees of the compass.

Our range of emphasis corresponds to the historic bio-region of the Pacific Northwest which stretches from the coast of Big Sur, California to Southern Alaska and points in-between. This is the area of the world we shall look at through the lens of our own 'observatory' based in Spencer Creek Valley, Oregon. Spencer Creek Valley is not on the maps but is a very real place whose people face many of the issues of people all over the world including the challenge of change and preservation.

Our Mission

To give voice to "ordinary" people .
To build local and world wide community through the tools of Internet technology.
To remember our past and rethink our future.
To celebrate our here and now.

If you would like to write a letter to the editor or submit a contribution, please write us at publisher@westbynorthwest.org or visit Contributors' Guidelines page.

West by Northwest.org is a not-for-profit, community based project of Spencer Creek Press. Generating income for sustaining publishing costs, right livelihood, and paying contributors are our financial goals. We are not registered as a 501(c)(3) at this time, so donations are not yet tax-deductible. We hope to have official not-profit status within the year.

Next issue will be on line Febuary 4, 2002. Meanwhile there will be updates on Winter 2001-02 issue.

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