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August & September
Late Summer, 2001


Moon Rising Above Abert Rim, Eastern Oregon
excerpt from The Other Oregon, a Photo Essay
© 2001 by Jim & Brooke Stone Clement
desert rim with moon rising

Welcome to West By Northwest online magazine, an independent, progressive, bimonthly journal of rural and city life, ecology, arts and letters from a Northwest perspective. We are happy to welcome some new contributors, especially Mike Connelly, a fine writer from where the Eastern Cascades' mountain pines meets high desert and inland marshes, the areas we call the other Oregons, where issues about water have become a matter of life and death.

We are grateful to our regular contributors who have helped make West By Northwest.org a venue for the "down-to-earth" talents in our own backyards. Many of our best pieces have been contributed by people who have everyday jobs, like farming, teaching, parenting, gardening, speech therapy, cutting hair, administering schools, and ministering to people, installing utilities, selling houses, doctoring people and animals, grooming creatures, making jewelry, making machines, machine tools, repairing cars, painting pictures, making pottery, and computer programming. "Ordinary" people who make an extraordinary difference, West By Northwest.org salutes you! Thank you all. And we are grateful to our growing community of readers who make it all worthwhile and possible.

Voices for the World
Mary Gallinger, photographer, gives us a glimpse of Rural Rajastan, India.

Voices of the Nation
West By Northwest.org joins the nation in mourning the tragic loss of life in the Sept.11 Terrorists Attack on the East Coast. We also ask "how could this happen?" We ask you to join our discussion about pain and loss, war and peace, justice and vengeance. Please send your e-mail to

Norman Solomon and Ryan Ramon gives us their perspectives -- Solomon's
Terrorism, Television, and the Rage for Vengeance and Ramon's Life on the Forty-fifth Parallel, How Many Innocents May Be Saved?

Norman Solomon earns his name writing on
Genoa and The Greens in 2004.

Voices of the Northwest
Orion Society magazine generously presents Mike Connelly to WxNW readers. Mike, an environmentalist and Klamath Basin farmer, writes Home Is Where They Lay Me Down.

My Life in the Twentieth Century, Chapter 7, Eugene. Stan Thompson, a retired nuclear engineer, shows how he became an anti-nuclear activist.

Paula Sanders McCarron's
An Alaskan Summer portrays an other Alaska beyond fly fishing. Features a section of Christine Robert's painting Inland Passage.

Kimball Lewis, Mr. Animal Welfare himself, says,
Love Thy Neighbor (but not necessarily their animals).

Syrena Glade, poet and techie from The Pond begins a new column,"
Techno Babble" about technology & webbing.

Remembering the Hoedads Forest Workers Coop: Roscoe Caron provides an overview in
Hoedad Celebrate Reforestation History. And Loraine Baker remembers the Hoedads Half & Half --Wild Women of the Woods.

Lorna Manderscheid enjoys A Great Ride in Letters from Lorna.

Ryan Ramon's
Life on the Forty-fifth Parallel links the ESA, the Catholic bishops' Columbia Watershed pastoral letter and Klamath Basin's crisis.

On the Road Photo Essay
Jim Clement and Brooke Stone Clement loop through Steen Mountains and Southeastern Oregon in
The Other Oregon.

Dave Weich's Powells.com /Authors Interview

John Balzar writes about an other Alaskan dog sled race.

Voices of Spencer Creek Valley
Lois Barton, Sunnyside of Spencer Butte, writes of

Rural preservationist are hopeful as citizens await the Oregon Court of Appeals decision. Norman Maxwell updates us on
The Tentative Truce of Fire Road.

M.G. Hudson remembers Laddie Black and shares a poem from Dr. Devon Trottier, DVM in
A Spencer Creek Journal.

New Fiction
Maura McGoorty serializes a fantasy for children of all ages in The Mermaid and The Dolphin, Chapter Two.

Art, Poetry & Photography
Mary DeDanan writes
Poem for Patricia.

Syrena Glade offers a very short story,
With Your Shield Or On It.

West By Northwest.org presents a new series of
Barbara Thompson's selected poems.

Lois Barton is
Skipping Stones.

Guy Weese,
That Photo Guy spouts Water Photos.

Also see
The Other Oregon, an On the Road Photo Essay.

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Our range of emphasis corresponds to the historic bio-region of the Pacific Northwest which stretches from the coast of Big Sur, California to Southern Alaska and points in-between. This is the area of the world we shall look at through the lens of our own 'observatory' based in Spencer Creek Valley, Oregon. Spencer Creek Valley is not on the maps but is a very real place whose people face many of the issues of people all over the world including the challenge of change and preservation.

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