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June & July, 2000

"Hole in the Ocean", cover photo by Guy Weese © 2000

Archive Spring 2000-

Photos by Michael and Jon Kemp

To A Young Grandchild

Photos by Guy Weese

The New Sustainable Forestry Measure

Margaret Mead Film Festival

Life On the 45th Parallel

Young People's Writings

Manna Seeds

Engstrom's "Rivering"

Ask Dr. Addy Gabby

Interview with Brooke Stone and Co.

Peter DeFazio

Book Reviews - Nygren on Walter Benjamin

A quote by Nelson Mandela

A Logger's Caveat

Spencer Creek Journal

Sunny Side of Spencer Butte

Early Spring Walk

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Welcome to West By Northwest, a progressive journal of rural and city life, ecology, arts and letters from a Northwest perspective. We have had a wonderful response to our debut issue and hope you will enjoy the second act.

Some of our contributors are making their second appearances in this early summer issue. Author Elizabeth Engstrom has another tale of the wild weird West, The Pan Man.

Writer, poet and photographer Mary DeDanan explores "Labyrinths - A Way of Life".

We are featuring a special section on Cameras of the Northwest. Jon Kemp (posthumously) and son Michael Kemp offer stunning visuals of their summer backpacking trips. You'll find "On The Road With Steve Astillero" a great way to travel without a flat tire or sunburn. The photo guy, Guy Weese, takes us from Iris to the Eye for enjoyment.

Dr. Addy Gabby is back and ready to tell you everything you didn't want to know but really should!

Protect Pets and Wildlife (Pro Paws) challenges us to change the laws to protect animals from barbaric leg-hold traps.

Writer and web-producer David Weich of Powell's Books interviews author Paul Theroux on his new work, Fresh Air Fiend.

The inspirational prayer is borrowed from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Our representative in Congress
, Peter DeFazio speaks out on Genetically Modified Foods.

Barbara Kelley reviews a neglected nature/nurture classic book from 1942, Wolf Children and Feral Man .

Neva Hassanein
of The Northwest Coalition for the Alternatives to Pesticides" reminds us the struggle about "The Right To Know" is not over; now that it is law, it only has just begun.

The Voices of Spencer Creek are back and adding an other voice to the valley. Writer Pat Gray looks at "To Be Or Not". Ryan Ramon ruminates on Heroes and Hellions and writes Father's Day Is for Daddy, a bittersweet poem. Local historian and writer Lois Barton shares another of Grandma's Stories, The Midwife and Summer in the Country. Poet and painter Jane Cox Farmer's poem, Conversion, makes us believers. MG Hudson's ruminates in Spencer Creek Journal By popular demand West By Northwest is featuring a Classified Ads section. If there are phone numbers listed, they are for the local 541 calling area in mid-western Oregon. Baby goats don't ship well.

Your humble editor howls away on "A Dog's Life" in the new Children's Page.

Want some adventure? Consider "Summer in the City " Listings and Links with photograph of Hong Hong at Night by Claudia Goulston.

Enjoy a brief visit at Letters to the Editor for fellow readers' feedback. E-mail address have been deleted for privacy. Some folks have asked about a list serve around West By Northwest. Any interest? Please send comments to the Editor.

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West By Northwest

Voices of Peace, Volume V
Dr. Andreas Toupadakis' Notebook
W.H. Auden's poem September 1, 1939
Sam Smith of the Progressive Review writes Nobody Left But Us
Robert Jenson explains why extraordinary Corporate Power Is the Enemy of Our Democracy
DynCorp is Something to Watch
Norman Solomon on New Media Heights For A Remarkable Pundit, Pentagon's Silver Lining May Be Bigger Than Cloud, and Six Months Later, The Basic Tool Is Language
Patrick Morris, actor and director writing on the theatre's Hourglass Challenge
Marvelous Margaret Mead Traveling Film & Video Festival
World Choral Music
Photographer and web designer Stephen Voss
Stephanie Korschun's Insect Drawings, a class apart.
That Photo Guy,
Barbara S. Thompson's My Life chronicles a journey of courage by a real story teller, Chapter 3.
Mary Zemke of Stop Cogentrix says "Standing tall - Opposition floods the proposed Grizzly Power Plant."
Norman Maxwell writes to the Editor - a Summary of the Fire Road Preservation Struggle.
Patricia Frank tackles Spring Cleaning the Closet.
Lois Barton's Sunnyside of Spencer Butte finds the Heron Rookery.
M.G. Hudson's Spencer Creek Journal remembers Laddie and the baby goats as the war on terrorism affects Spencer Creek Valley
Ryan Ramon's Life on the 45th Parallel, Rain & Ramallah.
WxNW.org Web-Wise Links
DEN, from Defenders of Wildlife.


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