Not so long ago, we thought the forests were inexhaustible. Now we are striving for a Sustainable Forest -- "A Pacific Northwest bolt cutter with daughters" on springboards (and dog!) photographed by D.R. Kinsey, Washington. 1905, courtesy of the Bayfront, Guide to Historic Newport, Oregon


West By Northwest
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Summer, 2002

July Update

Welcome to West By Northwest online magazine, a progressive journal of rural and city life, ecology, arts and letters, and peace from a Northwest prospective. As you will notice over the next couple of issues, we are redesigning our magazine. Let us know what you think about the new format.

This summer, we look at issues of sustainability around the world, shadows of not forgotten ancestors in war, peace and poems. And much more.

West By is beginning the process of becoming an official non-profit organization thanks to a generous gift by A. Stanley Thompson. He invites you to join him in supporting the work of West By Northwest. Thank you very much, Stanley.

We are happy to announce the first four recipients of The Best of West By Award for their contributions to electronic journalism and media. We determined the honorees by the quality of their work and the number of hits from around the world to their articles. This year's awards are shared by Alaskan writer Paula Sanders McCarron, Oregonian historian Lois Barton, Oregonian environmentalist Barbara Kelley and Northern California writer and reporter Mary DeDanan.

*Also we are grateful to all the generous contributors who share their talent and make this magazine possible*.

This July 2002 Update is dedicated to the memory of Trim Bissell who grew from a scholar to rebel to an international labor activist, fine artist and peace activist.

And we remember
Walt Taylor who authored a visionary "blueprint" on Waging Peace for a Living: An Action Plan for Survival of Life on Earth.

Voices for the World
Bill Thomson's Middle East Update. His compiled reports are fresh daily.

Voices of Peace, our zine within a zine, includes Cathy Woods' Letter from B.C., a Hopi Elder Message, Civil Rights and Dirty Bombs from the NY Times and more.
Pam Fitzpatrick and photographer Paul Dix declare
¡Volveremos! A project to document Living with the Consequences of US Policy in Central America.

Africa: Peace with Justice Northwest Tour starts in San Francisco with African scholars and activists.

Heresies in Pursuit of Peace: Thoughts on Israel/Palestine.

Sarah Shields asks
Please Dad, Tell Me: How Do I Stop Being Complicit?

Peg Morton's
My School of the Americas (SOA) Saga. Who is on trial? expanded version.

Web links to The Progressive and Christian Science Monitor about Colombia's new president and the US plan to protect oil lines and so much more.

Erbin Crowell considers
Coffee and Fair Trade.

Janet Larson of the Earth Policy Institute looks at why worldwide
Illegal Logging Threatens Ecological and Economic Stability.

Voices of the Nation
Yucky Yucca! From Public Citizen on the NEI to Science Magazine's Nuclear Waste: Yucca Mountain by Rodney C. Ewing and Allison Macfarlane. Also an open letter from John La Forge of Nukewatch on the proposed national Yucca Mountain nuclear waste depository.

Orion Online interviews Greg Watson of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust in
Power to the People.

George Lewandowski, Content Director wonders
Has God finally given us what we truly deserve? Lord have mercy.

Mary DeDanan examines the Ecstasy of Ecology - Penny Livingston and the Permaculture Institute.

Normon Solomon reflects on the anniversary of
Watergate and considers India and Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons and Media Fog and the USA's "War On Terrorism": Winking At Nuclear Terror.

M.G. Hudson asks us to
Consider the Case of Patricia Sweets: The Failing Safety Net of Publicly Financed Health Insurance.

The Living Arts Author Norton Juster talks with our own Dave Weich: "The Phantom Tollbooth is more than a great adventure; it's playful celebration of language and of life... and one of my favorite books in the world."

Meet Oliver Chin. He draws hilarious, political cartoons. Visit this S.F. artist in a
Room with a Zoo.

Michael Moore, film maker and author, opens his own
Mike's Office of Homeland Security.

Our international correspondent, actor and director Patrick Morris, writes on the role of the
Royal Pains, the ones at Windsor, not Washington.

High Plains Films releases
This Is Nowhere, a documentary about RV travelers who camp Wal-Mart.

Meet Skip Schiel, an remarkable photographer -- with a focused purpose! Visit a participating photographer.

Delight in Guy Weese's
Summer in the City Photos from That Photo Guy! featuring public sculpture of Portland.

Doug Tanour's
Exodus Poems are a tour de force transcending time, myth and shadows of not forgotten ancestors.

A French Revival? Painter/poet
Jane Farmer uses the medieval villanelle form of poetry illustrated with her own work.

Lois Barton remembers the
Cedar Tree in her tribute villanelle poem.

Check out
Oregon Shakespeare Festival's year round season featuring timeless and new plays!

There is a connection between Crouching Tiger music score and Mr. J. S. Bach! Tan Dun comes to the 33rd
Bach Festival for the Water Passion After St. Matthew.

West By Northwest's WebWise Links
Best of the Web, Focus on the Environment.

Big Books, Small Press
Explore a few small presses with big ideas. We look at Waging Peace , The Magic Fish, When Spirits Come Calling, Saving Wilderness in the Oregon Cascades and Cradle to Cradle.

Autobiography and Non-fiction

Barbara S. Thompson's
My Life chronicles her life journey with astonishing honesty and clarity. Chapter 4, Moving Out West to Los Angeles.

The Tales of Jim Foreman. A man, a bike and the open roads of the West.

Voices of the Northwest - Environment in the News
James Johnston of Cascadia Wildlands Project warns: Ancient Forest Falling at Berry Patch.

Go Fish! The question is where -
Near-total Shutdown Looms for Rockfish along West Coast by Jonathan Brinckman from The Oregonian.

A Century Of Splendor, the wonders of Crater Lake National Park by The Oregonian's Michael Milstein. Photo courtesy of Jon Howell.

Where's Waldo? Waldo Lake, an ecological treasure, has a champion in the Waldo Wilderness Council.

The proposed energy plant near Smith Rock, a former Enron subsidiary, has a new owner:
Cogentrix to Aquila, Going from Bad to Worse? by Mary Zemke.

It's that time of year again, spray time.
Northwest Coalition for Alternative to Pesticides has some web resources for you.

Trust for Public Lands has a mission and means to preserve special places here in the NW and the nation.

Voices of Spencer Creek Valley

Margie Ferguson's
Heron Watching Update.

Lois Barton's Sunnyside of Spencer Butte,
The Cat That Flew and Sauerkraut and All That.

Jonnie Lauch's electronic debut in
Nighttime Intruder.

Coming Soon!
One for All and All for One: A Look at the Health Care for All Campaign in Oregon by M.G. Hudson

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