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West By Northwest
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April & May

Late Spring, 2002
2nd Anniversary Issue

Welcome to West By Northwest online magazine, a progressive, bimonthly journal of rural and city life, ecology, arts and letters from a Northwest prospective. We are celebrating our second year on the web, thanks to all our readers and contributors who have made this journal possible.

In the season of earth's renewal this issue is dedicated to the memories of Carlton Zane who loved and explored the Northwest, Ida Mower, our role model of grace and wisdom and Alan Katz, our own Yiddish story teller and songster. And to Laddie, a brave heart.

Voices for the World

Voices of Peace

We focus on the war in the Middle East with statements from
AFSC and Defenders of Children International and Letters from Ramallah and more. Web link to the New York Times' review of The Golem.

Dr. Andreas Toupadakis' Notebook collects his recent writings about war and peace.

W.H. Auden's poem September 1, 1939 captures a universal and historic moment.

Sam Smith of the Progressive Review writes
Nobody Left But Us.

Voices of the Nation
The Anne Frank tour in Portland and the Anne Frank House online --she'd be surprised by the ways her memory is kept.

Robert Jenson explains why extraordinary
Corporate Power Is the Enemy of Our Democracy.

Alan McKay says
DynCorp is Something to Watch with thanks to Sam Smith's The Progressive Review.

Norman Solomon's selected pieces on
New Media Heights For A Remarkable Pundit, Pentagon's Silver Lining May Be Bigger Than Cloud, Six Months Later, The Basic Tool Is Language

Art, Theater, Photography and Poems
Introducing our international correspondent, Patrick Morris, actor and director writing on the theatre's
Hourglass Challenge.

The annual Marvelous Margaret Mead Traveling Film & Video Festival is coming to Portland in May!

World Choral Music by Northern Harmony is coming to the Southern Willamette Valley! Heaven on earth.

Introducing photographer and web designer
Stephen Voss and his love affair with form and light.

Stephanie Korschun's Insect Drawings, a class apart.

Guy Weese's Gallery from
That Photo Guy, spring images to remember.

Visit our link to the
Williamette Repertory Theatre's web page, producing local, professional theater at its best.


Barbara S. Thompson's My Life chronicles a journey of courage by a real story teller,
Chapter 3.

powell' Dave Wiech Interview
Judy Blunt's incredible story of her Montana ranch life with the Northwest's best literary interviewer. (Hit "back" to return here.)

Voices of the Northwest
Mary Zemke of Stop Cogentrix says "
Standing tall - Opposition floods the proposed Grizzly Power Plant." With a link to Save Our Valley, opposing the proposed Coburg plant.

Norman Maxwell writes to the Editor -
a Summary of the Fire Road Preservation Struggle.

Patricia Frank tackles Spring Cleaning the Closet.

Kimball Lewis, animal welfare advocate, remembers an Anniversary when his dog Donner was murdered.

Voices of Spencer Creek Valley

Lois Barton's Sunnyside of Spencer Butte finds the
Heron Rookery.

M.G. Hudson's
Spencer Creek Journal remembers Laddie and the baby goats as the war on terrorism affects Spencer Creek Valley

Ryan Ramon's Life on the 45th Parallel, Rain & Ramallah.

Best of the Web WebWise Links, and introducing the Williamette Repertory Theatre's web page.

Visit the
DEN, from Defenders of Wildlife.

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Our Vision

Who are the readers united by reading West by Northwest? We see you as seekers of truth and joy, hope and dynamic democracy. You believe that life and love are essential. You love to explore the world of ideas and places in person and in your armchair. You care passionately about the fate of humanity as well as the planet's.

You support good causes as best you can. You know we must find peace and justice for all beings, especially we humans who have such a profound effect upon this world (and maybe others) and each other. You seek a wide community of committed world citizens who work in their own "back yards" to make a difference. You read West by Northwest because you know that from the particular to the universal is a matter of a few degrees of the compass.

Our range of emphasis corresponds to the historic bio-region of the Pacific Northwest which stretches from the coast of Big Sur, California to Southern Alaska and points in-between. This is the area of the world we shall look at through the lens of our own 'observatory' based in Spencer Creek Valley, Oregon. Spencer Creek Valley is not on the maps but is a very real place whose people face many of the issues of people all over the world including the challenge of change and preservation.

Our Mission

To give voice to "ordinary" people .
To build local and world wide community through the tools of Internet technology.
To remember our past and rethink our future.
To celebrate our here and now.

If you would like to write a letter to the editor or submit a contribution, please write us at or visit Contributors' Guidelines page.

West by is a not-for-profit, community based project of Spencer Creek Press. Generating income for sustaining publishing costs, right livelihood, and paying contributors are our financial goals. We are not registered as a 501(c)(3) at this time, so donations are not yet tax-deductible. We hope to have official not-profit status within the year.

Next issue will be online June 4, 2002.
Do to the webmaster's Finals and end of the year projects, we will be out Friday June 14.

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