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Spring 2000

Arts and Letters Photos by Michael and Jon Kemp In Memory and continuing the family tradition
Photos by Guy Weese Pictures of the Willamette Valley
Margaret Mead Film Festival April -June 2000
U of W
Fiction and Poetry Young People's Writings MC Joseph spins a spooky story
Rivering Elizabeth Engstrom crafts a weird and wonderful tale
Conversation with Artists Interview with Brooke Stone and Co. Metal artists tell about love and love of work
Nygren's Upper Left Coast Reviews Book Reviews
Writers Look At Writers
Bill Nygren's on the 1st Eng. trans of Walter Benjamin's last project
Check back soon Mary DeDanan looks at Gaea lit.
Conversation with Loggers A Logger's Caveat Gabriel Frayne Jr. talks to old timers
Voices Of Spencer Creek Valley Sunny Side of Spencer Butte Lois Barton's tales on family ranch life
To A Young Grandchild See Jane Cox Farmer's painting and poem with a M. Kemp photo
Early Spring Walk Marge Zane with M. Kemp photo
Spencer Creek Journal MG Hudson's forest farm notes
Voices of the Northwest Road To Nowhere Barbara Kelly on the Transplan
The new Sustainable Forestry Measure Gary Kutcher
Life On the 45th Parallel Ryan Ramon on sprawl w/ Jane Cox Farmer ptg.
Manna Seeds

sees face of God, Jon Kemp photo

Ask Addy Gabby Our favorite know-it-all tells you all
Our Voice in Washington DC Dear Friends Letters from Peter DeFazio,
Member of Congress on WTO
Voices of the world A quote by Nelson Mandela Warm inspiration for cold spring days
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elcome to West by Northwest, a progressive journal of rural and urban life, arts and letters, ecology and opinion from a Northwest perspective.

Who are the readers united by reading West by Northwest? We see you as seekers of truth and joy, hope and dynamic democracy. You believe that life and love are essential. You love to explore the world of ideas and places in person and in your armchair. You care passionately about the fate of humanity as well as the planet's.

You support good causes as best you can. You know we must find peace and justice for all beings, especially we humans who have such a profound effect upon this world (and maybe others) and each other. You seek a wide community of committed world citizens who work in their own "back yards" to make a difference. You read West by Northwest because you know that from the particular to the universal is a matter of a few degrees of the compass.

Our range of emphasis corresponds to the historic bio-region of the Pacific Northwest which stretches from the coast of Big Sur, California to Southern Alaska and points in-between. This is the area of the world we shall look at through the lens of our own 'observatory' based in Spencer Creek Valley, Oregon. Spencer Creek Valley is not on the maps but is a very real place whose people face many of the issues of people all over the world including the challenge of change and preservation.

This debut issue is blessed with contributions from friends and neighbors from Spencer Creek Valley and beyond. They are all talented writers, artists, photographers. Hope you will agree. Eugene author
Elizabeth Engstrom contributes a weird and wonderful tale, The Rivering. We are grateful to Ms. Engstrom for her encouragement and support. Marge Zane takes us to the spring meadow. Lois Barton, our local poet and historian gathers a verbal spring bouquet On The Sunnyside of Spencer Butte. Jane Cox Farmer, artist and grandmother, paints a spring songster and writes a villanelle poem to a child. Metal artists Brooke Stone Clement and Jim Clement reclaim an ancient technology as an art form. For Barbara Kelley, every day is Earth Day. Mary DeDanan and Bill Nygren share a good read in Book Reviews by Writers. Nancy Burckhard-Wright shares her Manna Seeds, her meditations on God. Our Congress member, Peter DeFazio looks at the WTO. By day he sells homes, by night Guy Weese photographs. Gabriel Frayne Jr. takes us on a road trip to visit an endangered species, loggers. Gary Kutcher is not a man easily discouraged. With the third re-writing of a people's sustainable foresty measure for the ballot, we think eco-forestry principles may do more this year than just deepen public discourse.

Regular columns include:
Life On The Forty-fifth Parallel By Ryan Ramon, Ask Dr. Addy Gabby by Dr. Addy Gabby Gray, and Spencer Creek Journal By M.G. Hudson. Thank you for joining us - hope you have a good read.

If you would like a list of printed card art available from Jane Cox Farmer, write her c/o this publisher.

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Next issue will be on line June 4, 2000. We will look at Summer in the City and Country. Meanwhile there will be updates on Spring 2000 issue.

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