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October & November, 2000

Welcome to West By Northwest online magazine, a progressive, bimonthly journal of rural and city life, ecology, arts and letters from a Northwest prospective. As the parched Pacific Northwest awaits the coming season of the long rains, we celebrate themes of rivers and waterfalls, honoring all of our the ancestors and the First People here and their descendants, the Big Election and look at important local measures in the following articles. One of the many influences of Latin culture on the NW is the growing commemoration of Los Dias de Los Muertos.

Election Updates
Open Letter: Trust The People by Dr. Johanthan Feldman at Letters to the Editor.

Opinions about the Gore/Nader question by Ryan Ramon, Carl Pope of the Sierra Club, and Mary DeDanan. Also, Ryan Ramon's Recommendations for Oregon voters.

A Prescription for the "Lesser of Two Evils" Election Malaise: Is There An Other Way? By Gus diZerega

This Election Brought to You by America, Inc., an Opinion by Gabriel Frayne Jr. is our cup of tea. With links to Ralph Nader's website.

Voices for the World
A report on
Plan Columbia by Joan McIntyre

WorldTeach volunteers in Chiapas, Mexico help a new industry --

Voices of the Nation
We are pleased and proud to present selected columns by one of our favorite contemporary social critics, Norman Solomon. Like a good strong cup of coffee, two is better than one!
A Season of News Coverage: No Cure For Political Blues and Broadcasters Celebrate Big Gains from Violence and Greed.

Northwest author Elizabeth Engstrom gives us a different kind of romantic ghost story in
Reggie where forgiveness is the key. But who is to be forgiven?

Also see
A Duck's Life in Spencer Creek Journal.

Voices of the Northwest
Like a summary of our time, truth is better than fiction: Stan Thompson's saga of bittersweet life and technology, Part 2,
My Life in the Twentieth Century , "Education".

Mary DeDanan regrets she has not been able to file her anticipated article on the origins of ancient holy days. She is in a race with the rains to finish her yurt housebuilding project. OK, Ms. DeDanan, I guess it's a case of first things first -- See Ms. DeDanan's article
Living The Labyrinth, Part One -- still our most visited page!

We are happy Kimball Lewis, Mr. Animal Welfare Himself, joins us as a regular columnist. Whether concerned about taxes and /or strays, visit
Facts and Fiction: How Your Animal Shelter Works by Mr. Lewis. When Mr. Lewis heard we were featuring a photo essay on horse camping, he included, Horse Neglect and Abuse in America: Fact and Fiction.

The region's "poster child" of the rural preservation movement has new developments! See
The Continuing Story of the Battle for Fire Road by Norm Maxwell. In this "David and Goliath" saga, David needs HELP! What price justice?

Alma Cunningham on Part-time Professors - Visit "
Open Letter to the Chancellor of Higher Education".

Thoughts for Thanksgiving -- Barbara Kelley, Director of Save Our ecoSystem, asks us all to reconsider Leonard Peltier's case in "
Open Letter to the President". (Many consider Peltier to be the "Nelson Mendela" of the USA.)

Arts and Crafts
Conversations With Artists features Northern Californian muralist Carol Huboi Werry in Mural Painting as Way of Life,
Part One and Part Two.

Los Dias De Los Muertos Art in the Northwest.

Preserving Traditional Arts - Eugene Weavers Guild
Loving the Loom . And 'Best of Oregon' Show weaver Joan Swift's elegant work.

Wendy Lu, a Canadian painter draws elegant and strong social comments.

Remembering the Ancestors
Lorna Manderschied tells a funny
Childhood Story of Grandpa Lloyd and Grandma's Sewing Basket.


Rivers in Autumn
Smith,of the Third Oregon, Dies by Mary Carolyn Davies, 1918. Photo courtesy the Oregon Historical Society and links to the Willamette Riverkeepers.

Two Avon Poems by webpoet Doug Tanoury with photo of McKenzie River by Guy Weese.

Advice for the Clueless by a very gabby Ph.D.
Dr. Addy Gabby (an ichythologist) is very busy transplanting salmon eggs in the efforts to save the salmon. She will join us as soon as possible. She apologizes to her readers for not updating her column - the plans of transmitting material from her laptop to us while she was stationed on a mountain top recording the behavior of flying fish went south with her hard drive. She promises an update within a couple of weeks. You may write her at

Book Reviews
D.C. Choppy enjoys activist Portia Foster's autobiography In Pursuit of Justice: Around the World and the Human Heart - "
In Pursuit of Portia".

Peter Montague's
Doing the Least Harm is an insightful discussion of the Northwest's own Mary O'Brien and her new environmental book about Alternatives to Risk Assessments

Ryan Ramon revisits
Gaviotas, A Village to Reinvent the World.

Visit Powell's Books Interview with author
Ian Fraizer, On the Rez.

Also Powell's Dave Weich talks with fantasy author
Philip Pullman and looks at The Amber Spyglass.

Voices of Spencer Creek Valley

Lois Barton, local historian and poet, writes on family-style apple pie making in
The Sunnyside of Spencer Butte. Yumm!

A Recipe for Prayer and Pumpkin Pudding by spiritual teacher and cook Paurnamasi Waki. Autumn Rivers photo, Guy Weese.

M.G. Hudson's
A Duck's Life in Spencer Creek Journal. A story of life and death for most ages.

Life on the Forty-fifth Parallel -- Ryan Ramon speaks with Red Cross disaster volunteer Lisa Quiring about
When Mother's Love Is Tougher Than a Storm.

Fall Creek Walk by our own Webmaster.

Third generation of endurance riding make strong family and animal-human bonds.
See Sarah in the Saddle.


Mary Siegfried's offers more
haiku photography of the Bay Area to our readers in French Fall Poppies and more. Visit the store.

Guy Weese's photography , That Photo Guy shows his stuff! (His mysterious "Light Floating" is the photo illustration for Elizabeth Engstrom's ghost story," Reggie".)

Michael Kemp - Michael's Mountain Magic -a gem of a photo essay on Cascade Mts. waterfalls, the source of the rivers.

Valerie Larkin's Summer Remembered
"Cascade Camping Con Caballista or High ho, Silver" -- Mountain Horse Camping photo essay.

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Letters to the Editor - readers voice back, Voter's Alert
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Our Vision

Who are the readers united by reading West by Northwest? We see you as seekers of truth and joy, hope and dynamic democracy. You believe that life and love are essential. You love to explore the world of ideas and places in person and in your armchair. You care passionately about the fate of humanity as well as the planet's.

You support good causes as best you can. You know we must find peace and justice for all beings, especially we humans who have such a profound effect upon this world (and maybe others) and each other. You seek a wide community of committed world citizens who work in their own "back yards" to make a difference. You read West by Northwest because you know that from the particular to the universal is a matter of a few degrees of the compass.

Our range of emphasis corresponds to the historic bio-region of the Pacific Northwest which stretches from the coast of Big Sur, California to Southern Alaska and points in-between. This is the area of the world we shall look at through the lens of our own 'observatory' based in Spencer Creek Valley, Oregon. Spencer Creek Valley is not on the maps but is a very real place whose people face many of the issues of people all over the world including the challenge of change and preservation.


Late Summer 2000
Dr. Paul Kail on Food and Famine Prevention Living the Labyrinth Series, Part Two, Celebrating Altar-ed States.
Congressman Peter DeFazio Earth Prayers by Mary DeDanan and also Bliss Washington Billings.
Barbara Kelley's Paving Over Paradise. Alternative Autos , It's A Gizmo!
Interview with Anchee Min
Joe Thornton's Pandora's Poison.
Please Pass The Books/ Picnic Picks Seal poem
The Cowboy Way by Kimball Lewis A Jane Cox Farmer poem with painting, On Being Eighty.
Norm Maxwell's The Battle for Fire Road. Last Chance for Chase, a story of animal salvation through e-mail by Linda Mecum.
Roscoe Caron's America's Teachers: 21st Century Segregation. Green Scene
Comments on Nuclear Power Stan Thompson's My Life in the Twentieth Century, Introduction by Patricia Gray.
Conversations With Artists, features painter Northwest painter Margaret Stark Kemp by M.G. Hudson. The Courtship of Aunt Lelia, by Maura McGoorty
A Prescription for the "Lesser of Two Evils" Election Malaise Animal Welfare and Protection for A New Century by Mr. Lewis.
The Mystery of Fox Hollow Manderscheid's On the Waterfront: Cool Views of Seattle from the Ferry.
Mary Siegfried's offers haiku photography Eek! The Elk! Photo essay
At Home or On the Road - Guy Weese's photography  

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Voices of Peace, Volume V
Dr. Andreas Toupadakis' Notebook
W.H. Auden's poem September 1, 1939
Sam Smith of the Progressive Review writes Nobody Left But Us
Robert Jenson explains why extraordinary Corporate Power Is the Enemy of Our Democracy
DynCorp is Something to Watch
Norman Solomon on New Media Heights For A Remarkable Pundit, Pentagon's Silver Lining May Be Bigger Than Cloud, and Six Months Later, The Basic Tool Is Language
Patrick Morris, actor and director writing on the theatre's Hourglass Challenge
Marvelous Margaret Mead Traveling Film & Video Festival
World Choral Music
Photographer and web designer Stephen Voss
Stephanie Korschun's Insect Drawings, a class apart.
That Photo Guy,
Barbara S. Thompson's My Life chronicles a journey of courage by a real story teller, Chapter 3.
Mary Zemke of Stop Cogentrix says "Standing tall - Opposition floods the proposed Grizzly Power Plant."
Norman Maxwell writes to the Editor - a Summary of the Fire Road Preservation Struggle.
Patricia Frank tackles Spring Cleaning the Closet.
Lois Barton's Sunnyside of Spencer Butte finds the Heron Rookery.
M.G. Hudson's Spencer Creek Journal remembers Laddie and the baby goats as the war on terrorism affects Spencer Creek Valley
Ryan Ramon's Life on the 45th Parallel, Rain & Ramallah. Web-Wise Links
DEN, from Defenders of Wildlife.


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