A Four Season Cycle: Dance, Dwell, Dark and Rain

In celebration of National Poetry Month, April 2011, West By is honored to present Portland playwright and poet, William S. Gregory’s Four Seasons Cycle. Also featuring the photography of fabric and metal artist, Brooke Stone.

Indian Plum in Spring, Spencer Creek Valley by Brooke Stone

Spring Equinox 2011

Rain– during news of distant disasters
Rain– while revolutions collapse desert kingdoms

Rain– in the morning when foolish Senators make us turn the clocks
Rain– at night when the cold streets mirror the lights

Rain– every day of the week and on weekends
Rain– breaking and setting records

Rain– on the bones of winter, left root bare on the soil
Rain– on the early buds and trees

And now they say it’s spring.

And today–

William S. Gregory


Winter Solstice

Why do we do so much
Here on the shortest day?
Preparations and such?
The holiday melee?

Why don’t we just relax,
remembering time’s short?
The year rolls in its tracks
regardless of report.

The dark comes always
the light follows after
so let’s ease through the days
with generous laughter.

Remember in this world of grief and hope sublime
the seasons ever run, and all we have is time.

William S. Gregory


Autumn Equinox

The calm September moon
rides in the fall-deep sky.
The dark and light combine
in equal harmony.

Here at a quarter point
of the all spinning year
between the opposites
which one do you recall?

Does your mind dwell in the
rich darkness of summer,
those nights when fireflies
dazzle over the grass?

Or do you think of the
bright cold of wintertime,
when small pebbles are black
against the white expanse?

The true genius of Fall
is that in Autumn we
have each polarity
held in perfect balance.

William S. Gregory



Wild Cucumber or Old Man of the Woods, by Brooke Stone










Summer Solstice

Are veiled eyes more beautiful
than those whose aspects are revealed?

Are yearned for seasons more pleasant
than those whose pleasures are enjoyed?

When Spring is late, when Summer hides,
when Fall is slow and Winter lags

do these pauses not serve to whet
our calendrical appetites?

The season’s tardiness only
increases bliss when they appear.

The more we long for joys delayed
the more we joy in long delights.

William S. Gregory


William S. Gregory is a Portland poet and playwright of  NW renown. He has written over 36 scripts and is known for the richness of his language and use of unexpected humor. Coho Produtions produced his plays Mary Tudor 1999 and Child of Pleasure (2003), and he has contributed to A Grimm Late Night (2000) produced by Spectre Productions. William S. Gregory is a member of the Dramatist Guild of America. One of his more recent stage-works,  Necessity was produced for the JAWS Playwright Festival in July 2010, and Saint in a Cage (Oct. 2010) produced by Portland Theater Works. We think he will be known through out the world someday.

1 comment to A Four Season Cycle: Dance, Dwell, Dark and Rain

  • Barbara Kelley

    this poetry is divine–tryly superb stuff–thank you.

    I think you should ask for donations from those who can afford it. (Unfortunately that’s not me right now.)

    but some would surely donate to help recompense you for this work you are doing. It is hard for you, it is highly worthwhile, and it is helpful to the community.

    thanks Maureen.
    Love from BK

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