About Us

Welcome to West By online magazine. We have been online for over 11 years. Through the years we have experienced many highs, some lows and hiatuses. Only recently has the increasingly severe handicap of a dial-up internet connection been overcome, not by needed rural economic development so close to the second largest city in Oregon, but by a brave new company, Millenicom, getting us a signal that actually works, and a dear techie neighbor who can install it.  From the early e-mails in 2000 from a young student in Bangladesh who related how they jumped on the old bicycle-generator and cell phone to connect to the web, to the support of writers like Portland poet Ursula LeGuin and scientist Stan Thompson who gave their time, thoughts and/or  output, to the exciting and scholarly reviews of Lord of the Rings movies by Patrick Diehl, to the new Louis Bromfield piece by Bill Nygren, West By Northwest has evolved with its audience and with the web. We have tried to bridge the gap between country life and concerns, and a caring of the whole shebang. The world matters.

Some people have suggested that West By limit itself to a tighter focus. Wise advice. Except our interests and contacts are very local and very world-wide. Our interests embrace the whole world. So we have decided to continue our format of ranging the globe as well as the county and neighborhood.

Something for everyone actually seems to work! Hope you find something here for you. Write and comment (to publisher at, please. It is always great to hear from you, our readers. Hope you enjoy our renewed efforts to relaunch West By Northwest.

West By is an online Northwest journal of arts, ecology, sustainable practices, and social concerns. West By has an international perspective as well as a rural preservation orientation. Our home place, and metaphor of rural preservation, is called Spencer Creek Valley, a small farming and forest community southwest of the city of Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

We hope especially to serve the interests and concerns of all people of peace and social justice convictions.  We are grateful to the many Friends and friends and neighbors who have contributed their gifts and talents to this magazine.

We offer original writing and original art work with feature stories, fiction, and poetry as well as sharing links from the best of the web. As you may notice we are changing our format to WordPress, a web friendly tool . The upside may be  a more web-friendly magazine. After a long hiatus of being web-handicapped by country phone lines and dial-up speeds (the emergency parking lane of the Internet highway) we are able to join the 21st Century by finally, finally having a higher speed connection through a wireless connection. We don’t like cell-towers but guess they are here to stay.

Thank you, Glenn, one fine neighbor and techie and his patient family, for your help in connecting and reformatting this zine.

We think you will find the new format helpful and we welcome your feedback and your participation as  always. This zine would not exist but for the generous sharing of so many people of their time, talent, content and support. Many of you we met right here, through these pages.

Maureen and Patrick Hudson

Spencer Creek Valley, Oregon